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Riga, Latvia
29 January 2018 - Resource

Transact Pro Case Study – Streamlining operational efficiency through Firco Compliance Link

Transact Pro was the first licensed electronic money institution to provide payment services in Latvia. In this case study, learn how Accuity helped Transact Pro transform their compliance process.
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24 January 2018 - Resource

Money Laundering and Real Estate: Why the Real Estate Sector Should Prepare for Regulation

This report analyses the impact that anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing legislation is having on real estate transactions around the world.
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10 January 2018 - Resource

Bank of Jinzhou Case Study

Leading city commercial bank in China, operating in a region that shares a geographic border with North Korea, reduces manual screening efforts by 40% with Accuity
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13 December 2017 - Resource

Plan International Case Study

Learn how Plan International streamlined its third party compliance screening process, ensuring rigour, consistency and adherence to regulation.
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30 November 2017 - Resource

Firco Continuity 5.9 – For better traceability in transaction screening

Over the last 10 year there has been a significant rise in the level of regulations imposed on financial institutions for transaction screening, with compliance activities now under greater scrutiny than ever before.
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23 November 2017 - Resource

Firco Training Catalogue

Fircosoft portfolio customers can benefit from high-quality training courses given by professional instructors, both in our global Fircosoft Training Centres or on-site.
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Fircosoft Filter Technology
23 November 2017 - Resource

Fircosoft filtering technology

Fircosoft’s unique filtering technology enables the world’s leading banks to improve screening performance by dramatically reducing the proportion of false alerts when screening transactions or customer records.
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Firco List Service
23 November 2017 - Resource

Firco List Service – Improve the quality of your official sanctions lists

Staying compliant with the latest government published lists and ensuring that your watch lists are accurate, up-to-date, and tested is a challenging and time-consuming task for any financial institution.
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23 November 2017 - Resource

Online Compliance – Easy online screening for KYC compliance

With access to comprehensive and up-to-date records and a wealth of efficiency-improving functionality, Online Compliance helps organisations to significantly enhance their KYC efforts.
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Businessman performing transactions via mobile and computer
22 November 2017 - Resource

PSD2: unintended consequences

Robert McKay, Managing Director of Accuity, tells FX-MM that while PSD2 presents an opportunity for consumers, banks, payment providers and merchants, it may inhibit straight-through processing.
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