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banniere Firco Trust

Firco Trust

Advanced Customer and Counterparty Filtering

Establishing effective controls within your institution is more challenging than ever with growing and changing watch lists and increasing regulatory pressure. That’s why it’s critical for organizations to look to watch list filtering experts to ensure the most effective systems are in place to guarantee you are doing business with counterparties you can trust.


Firco Trust is a customer and entity screening solution that combines filtering intelligence with high performance processing capabilities. With Firco Trust, users can implement Know Your Customers (KYC) programs by filtering existing and new customers, counterparts or beneficiaries against any sanctions, PEPs or negative news list in batch, real-time or on-demand.


Firco Trust enables a risk-based approach to scan customer databases, and offers a web-based user interface to streamline and expedite decision making.


Firco Trust will help you:

  • Improve customer and entity screening controls
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Eliminate the risk of doing business with risky parties
  • Effectively screen high-volume complex environments


For more information about our Firco Trust solution, download our brochure and contact us today.