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banniere Analytics


Stringent international regulations around Anti-money laundering (AML) and anti-terrorist financing place increasing pressure on financial institutions. Regulators and auditors are requiring more detailed information regarding a financial institution’s AML and watch list filtering processes. Reports which meet these requirements as well as provide improved transparency are becoming increasingly more important for financial institutions.


Firco Analytics Solution

Firco Analytics is the smart data component for all FircoSoft screening solutions.


Based on an optimized data mart, Firco Analytics is continuously fueled by FircoSoft’s screening solutions, and records all data and meta data related to the screening process.

Information is stored in an easy-to-leverage way, and becomes available to all other systems to process, including other FircoSoft solutions.


The availability of these data, combined with off-the-shelf or in-house Business Intelligence tools, provides financial institutions with an unprecedented level of actionable business intelligence, and allows them to respond to the traceability and reporting constraints that new regulations put on them.


Integrated with other FircoSoft screening solutions, Firco Analytics constitutes a comprehensive screening knowledge base, allowing intelligent cross-functional analysis and screening features.

With Firco Analytics, FircoSoft empowers compliance officers to meet their requirements in terms of detection, productivity and traceability.


For more information about Firco Analytics, please contact us today.