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banniere Business Activity Monitoring

Business Activity Monitoring

Building Proactive Filtering Operations
Vital bank processes move at lightning speed, extending beyond the bank to include exchanges, corporates and partners. The sheer complexity obscures performance and potential risks, forcing operations teams to react as quickly as possible – after an issue has been discovered.


FircoSoft, powered by Systar enables banks worldwide to achieve proactive operations. Customers gain real-time insight into operational performance so they can proactively mitigate risks, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.


Operational Control and Insight
FircoSoft’s Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) application, Firco BAM, delivers real-time, end-to-end performance insight into critical watch list filtering processes. The solution allows banks to proactively identify and address emerging operational risks – before they impact the bank and its customers.


Bank executives and operations teams receive timely, exception-based information to correct gaps between current operational performance and business objectives. They can see inside complex processes and workforce activities, and across silos to:


  • Improve operational performance continuously
  • Eliminate surprises such as missed cut-offs and SLAs
  • Reduce costs through greater efficiency and avoid penalties
  • Identify areas to grow customer satisfaction and revenues
  • Demonstrate operational control to regulators and auditors


Contact us today to learn more about the Firco BAM solution.