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banniere Firco BAM

Firco BAM

Business Activity Monitoring Powered by Systar

Increasing regulations and process volumes can make watch list filtering a time and resource intensive initiative for large financial institutions. Within these complex environments it can be difficult to gain visibility into your critical payments processes.



Do you know if you are at risk of missing a cut-off?
Do you receive any warnings if you are at risk because of critical sanctions processing issues?



Firco BAM Solution
Powered by Systar, a leading provider of BAM solutions to the financial industry, Firco BAM delivers enhanced operational control and real-time insight into complex, high-volume watch list filtering environments. The solution enables customers to proactively identify and address potential issues before they impact their operations and customers. With Firco BAM, you will improve the efficiency of your payment back office and compliance departments through additional visualization and dashboards offering real-time updates on key metrics including messages, hits, decisions and cut-offs.


Firco BAM provides an overview dashboard off all your filtering processes including technical activity, human activity, filtering activity and cut-off risk for transactions.


With Firco BAM financial institutions can:


Improve Operational Risk Management:  Detect and mitigate the risk of missing cut-offs or customer obligations, whether due to system performance, watch list hit  volume or  staff delays.
Gain Real-Time Risk Visibility:  Utilize  a command center graphical dashboard  providing immediate updates on key  metrics for better risk management  and control.
Maintain Operational Control:  Improve control of data flows with detailed real-time views of application and performance  data.
Reduce Cost and Workload:  Prevent missed cut-off costs and prioritize work to streamline productivity, reducing both staff resource time and costs, focusing the  right people on the relevant activities.


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Contact us today and learn how you can improve the performance and safety of your watch list filtering environment by monitoring your system in real time, all the time, to mitigate emerging risks, avoid wasteful costs and streamline your team’s overall productivity.